The blog is over here now. Why? Because to do any of the most basic things with WordPress.com, I have to shell out at least $80. That gets me some control over the design. To use Google Analytics, that most basic of web things, I have to shell out $300/year. And adding HTML code to widgets (like a newsletter signup form) is in the upper atmosphere with WordPress VIP.

I don’t want to run my own blog software (did it and hated it), and other managed WordPress solutions are expensive for what little I want to do with it (basically a blog and a static page). Google’s Blogger has been around since the beginning of time, and it lets me point subdomains for free, so I’m not worried about losing URLs if Google puts it out to pasture.

This post is basically just to keep the front page contentful until I write up a proper home page with links to everything. WordPress.com can at least manage that at the lowest price until I figure out how to host a domain on Amazon’s AWS.

Basically, WordPress.com’s restrictions have disappointed me more and more over the years, and I thought things were improving when they finally added Google Analytics. Except, you have to have the $300/year business plan. That’s the only feature I wanted.

tl;dr: blog’s here now



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